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WASD + Space for jetpack, RMB for hookshot (on buildings)
LMB to fire
F and then LMB to build turret, scroll to rotate (costs 5 energy)

Press L to restart everything

by RH2 (ART+CODE) [ RH2.io ]
Lush (ART)
Lindar K Greenwood (MUSIC) [ http://soundcloud.com/lindarthebard ]

Defend the big tower Factory in the center (the REEEAL tall thing)!
Pick up batteries from fallen opponents (you can carry 4) and bring them back to the Factory to increase your supply of energy (and heal yourself while you're at it)
Pressing F will allow you to use 5 energy to place a turret (can't be placed inside of another object or enemy)
Be careful with turret placement, enemies will try to blow them up, and turrets can't shoot backwards.
Grappel onto buildings with right click, it recharges. Space uses jetpack, to go up, it recharges.
Enemies spawn in waves every ~2 minutes!
Get the best score!

[Made for 7DFPS 2014]

Plenty of bugs, lack of features; we plan to update this game in the near future. (just did a post-7dfps bugfix so players can actually play)

(just did a second bugfix)


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